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My Last Dinner with a Friend

Posted on 2011.07.24 at 23:06

I did LA Talk Radio with James Bartholet and Emy Reyes last month ... LISTEN http://www.iamivan.com/radio/latalkradio/radio_Inside%20the%20Industry.mov

AND here is the trailer for Kiki's American Adventure reality show that aired last year on Playboy TV ... TRAILER http://www.iamivan.com/tv/kiki/kiki_trailer.mov?v=Bl9rPmj_Qn0&feature=related



My XBIZ Awards experience

Posted on 2011.02.13 at 12:36

SLIVAN #79 - 2011 AVN AWARDS Red Carpet - Part 1 of 3

My 2011 AVN Awards Red Carpet experience was awesome. And I wanted to share it with all of you who support this VLOG and who approached me at the Convention with your praises. Thank you! This Part #1 of this fun 3 part series is about how I spent my pre-show time putting in my shoe laces, doing my weird looking hair and the journey with a bunch of porn chicas.



AVN 2011 - Day 1 - the trip up

Posted on 2011.01.11 at 08:55
AVN 2011 – Day #1 – the trip up
Leading up to the AEE Convention my schedule became brutal. From trying to get final edits for PUBA to gathering supplies for Vegas to making sure the “Ivan” props and moniker outfits were in place. The plan for Vegas was extensive but here were [...]



SLIVAN #11-15 ... girls, parties and shoots

Posted on 2010.11.24 at 12:11
SLIVAN #11 - Hypedough shoot & my poor hair


Today I spent the day on Hype Dough production with Ricky D, Kayden 420, Jasper Trash and Sunny Daze. We then spotted a Rick James look-a-like on the 101 freeway. But at night I had hair coloring drama!

SLIVAN #12 - dying hair, animals, wii & london keyes


Here I try to re-dye my hair, I introduce Pringles to the blog. Zoey takes care of sick Ivan. Playing Wii with Kory and London Keyes. Then London keys makes a mess at 7-Eleven

SLIVAN #13 - PUBA Party in San Diego


Here is some Behind the Scenes from the Puba Party at Club Decos in San Diego with Shyla Stylez, Asa Akira, London Keyes, Natasha Nice, Jayden Jaymes, Phoenix Marie, Bridgette B, Charley Chase

SLIVAN #14 - on set with Bridgette B and Kayla Paige


On a Tom Byron Pictures set for my next movie with Bridgette B, Kayla Paige and Tom Byron

SLIVAN #15 - topless Baseball trivia & Angelina Valentine


Rog T. Pipe invited Aurora Snow, Natasha Nice and myself to a baseball game. He did a topless baseball trivia with the girls. Then at the game Playboy Radio's Christy Canyon hits on me on the radio show. Then I shot Angelina Valentine for my next movie "Double D Doctors" for Tom Byron Pictures

SLIVAN #6 – Dishwasher Accident, Vagira ring & I SAVE LIVES!!!


The Porn Scout gets a disguise! Dishwasher accident! A VIAGRA ring? Who’s more ANNOYING contest! Ivan wins one but loses another one. Ivan saves a life on an entire FAMILY … of ducks.

SLIVAN #7 – Annoying my friend & being pulled over for DUI??


Check out the COOOOL store with little worlds. A little update on the walking hottie. I annoy my homie some more until he turns gay on me! And day concludes with me being pulled over for a DUI?!?!?

SLIVAN #8 – Bears Hugging it out


Last day at Big Bear Lake

SLIVAN #9 – Ivan frolics in the Snow


Our final drive back from Big Bear as I frolic in the snow and discover a old heirloom! Which followed by finger frostbite creating numbness 7 hours later

SLIVAN #10 – in the Car Wash and on set with Jennifer White


Spent a few minutes in the car wash then off to set for my new movie Lady Mechanics for Tom Byron Pictures with Jennifer White and Tommy Gunn

I have been writing my blog for over 7 years now. This blog has gotten me nice attention from fans and industry people alike. At one point this blog won, Porn Blog of the Year Award. Now I have re-invented my blog and the way I am communicating my thoughts and life. Besides writing the usual fun stories, I am also doing a youtube video blog called "Slivan" ... Slivan is a combination of my porn director name "Ivan" and my real name "Slava" ... The Slivans have been up for about two months now, so this blog will quickly catch up with them. Every other day I will posting 5 Slivans with their descriptions. Enjoy and please spread the word.

SLIVAN #1 ...


This is a new daily video blog of my LIFE. Some call me fat, some call me ugly, yet some call me lucky. Either way, this is my life ... you can stay or go. But imagine you will stick around. Thanks



Today we shot for Twisty's. I don't reveal whop or where we shoot for them because I think it might be a secret till the scene is released ... so here is my early wake up message to my channel subscribers who like cute guys. Plus some wheelie action on the freeway and ducks in the pool, ducks in the pool!

SLIVAN #3 - Shy London Keyes


This was another secret production day but we got some fun stuff on video. Like Jason Vorhees, Batman, Snoopy and Darth Vader. Also some dog fighting with me and Mosley. And the shy? London Keyes

SLIVAN #4 - Anabolic office, vacation prep and the drive to the lake


Having lunch and prepping for the Big Bear Lake Vacation. Plus the night road trip to the lake. Anabolic office mess.

SLIVAN #5 - Big Bear, caught sleeping and stalking a hot chick


The Big Bear Vacation begins. With following a hot chick through the hood of Big Bear. Ivan caught sleeping. Big Bear Arcade is closed! What happened to the Doritos?!?!


My Emotional Lesson

Posted on 2010.09.16 at 17:55
This morning I ventured into my old hood of the Fairfax District. Brooke Banner was doing a photo shoot for T.I.T.S. new clothing line. I was a few minutes behind the schedule as at has been the usual m.o. for me. Upon parking my truck, I quickly made my way to the parking meter. While trying to navigate through the new credit card metering, an elderly lady approached me. She looked European with a thick accent. She had a rolling cart to her side and a sad confused looked. Her English was choppy as her accent slurred the words to almost non-transcribable state. Nerves and frustration of her lack of communication seemed to way heavy on her as her voice quivered from word to word.

She was on the North 500's block but needed to get to the South 500's block. She kept mentioning these numbers as I tried to slow her down in hopes ofunderstanding her better. I tried explaining to her how she needs to make her way to the Zero's of the street then the numbers she needs will come. Then she explains in her now understandable accent, that she was looking for the "Russian Translation Service". I smiled and asked if she spoke Russian, she said "yes". And I proceeded to tell her that I can speak it as well. Her saddened demeanor now was lit up with a smile of comfort of "one of her own".

I told her point of destination was about two miles away. She thanked me and asked me to call this agency. I confirmed the address and location. Then offered the lady a ride. She was adamant that I didn't need to spend my time driving her. But I insisted in my broke Russian.

Now sitting in the truck, driving to the location. This wonderful little lady made my day, made me think and made me choke up. I was so moved by her that I had to put my sunglasses on just to communicate with her.

The lady is 80 years old. Has been in the United States for 15 years and has been fighting with the Russian Social Services for her retirement the entire time. And has been told "America is a rich country, let them give you money." Sad, very sad. She lives in Long Beach and was out in West Hollywood, about 25 miles away from her area of residence. I met her around 10:40am, she was dropped off by her nephew in this area at 6:20am. And she has been wondering through these blocks for over four hours. Mind you this story is being told to me by a tired, 80 year old, emotional lady. I was so moved by her. She then says, "god brought me to her today." I smiled because at this point, me talking was not an option. She kept thanking me and saying how no one would stop and listen to her. All I imagined this person with no phone or real ability to communicate wondering the streets for god knows how long. In the heat. With her cart and emotions on her sleeve.

I helped her 0ut of my truck and walked to the building. She offered to pay me, for which I declined. Once she was inside, I called that office to confirm she arrived and was safe. Afterward I made my way to continue the rest of my day. Driving I didn't snap at people lacking social skills, I didn't freak out on people being rude to me. All I thought about how this lady approached me. How she felt I made her day, how "god intervened", how I helped her and emotionally changed her mood, heart and well being. But what she doesn't realize is that what happened today was not someone making a difference in her life BUT how she made a difference in mine. I wasn't brought to her, she was brought to me. I am not a knight in shining armor, she was the angel who opened my eyes.

It's not what we can do for others because of our youthfulness, monetary accomplishments or what we control. It's how we can open someone's eyes, emotions and hearts. This wonderful lady in her moment of weakness made an impact with her soul in my life.

Thank you for validating the goodness hidden in so many ways under our busy, sometimes self absorbed lives. And you did pay me, in more ways then you can imagine.

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